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Arran is the publication of the SAMI SIIDA of North America.

The Finnish American Reporter is a monthly, English language journal, established in 1986, featuring articles and news reports of interest to Finns across North America, in Finland and around the world.


Northern Lavvu
Northern Lavvu

Northern Lavvu designs and produces both traditional and modern style Lavvus (pronounced "LAA-voo", and often-spelled Lavvo). The people who work, design or mentor the craft of Lavvu making are of Sami ancestry and have experience in living and camping in Lavvus. Sami Elders have taught and guided the Lavvu makers in this craft.


The SAMEFOLKET Magazine – that’s us! Our headquarters are in Östersund, a city called Luvlieluspie in the South Saami language. Luvlieluspie is situated fairly well in the centre of the South Saami area, of Sweden and Scandinavia.


The Sami Siiddat of North America is a confederation of regional organizations with members who share the heritage of the Sami culture of Northern Scandinavia and Finland. Participants are immigrants and the descendents of immigrants from that region of Europe traditionally known as Lapland (today called Samiland or Sápmi), and all share an active interest in their heritage.

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